Welcome to the vibrant world of real estate, where competition is fierce, and trends change constantly. Here, success isn’t just about old-school PR strategies. It’s about using technology in a smart manner that makes work faster, reaches more people, and builds genuine relationships.

Today’s digital world demands tech-savvy PR firms. Surveys reveal that 89% of marketers rely on data analytics for success, a trend the PR world is eagerly borrowing. By using data-driven insights, firms craft messages that truly resonate with their audience, keeping them a step ahead in the market.

Enter 369 Connections, a PR agency spearheaded by marketing strategists Dulce Lopez and Emi Ramirez, which employs cutting-edge technology to reshape the landscape of real estate public relations.

As Dulce and Emi say, “Technology has become the cornerstone of modern PR, reshaping how we connect, communicate, and succeed. Our approach to its usage will dictate our path forward.”

PR services are indispensable. No matter what field you are in, your company needs publicity to flourish. The same goes for real estate companies; they need good PR that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to excel in the business landscape. 

At 369 Connections, this understanding is quite evident. Through tools like digital press releases and thorough media monitoring, they ensure their real estate clients stand out and succeed.

Dulce Lopez, co-founder of 369 Connections, highlights the importance of technology in the agency’s work. “In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology serves as the backbone of our operations. We use the power of data analytics and innovative tools to drive our strategies forward, ensuring our clients remain at the forefront of industry trends.

At 369 Connections, one of the primary goals is to enhance workflow efficiency and expand outreach using innovative methods. Using advanced CRM systems and tools, PR professionals at 369 Connections manage relationships with clients and media, ensuring targeted outreach and effective campaign tracking. 369 Connections are making interactions smoother and responses quicker.

But what’s CRM, you ask? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it’s a big deal for PR firms. It helps PR agents assist real estate pros in reaching out to specific audiences. But that’s not all – with CRM, PR agents can organize their work better, keep track of customer details, follow up on interactions, handle sales leads, and figure out if their marketing efforts are hitting the mark.

It’s basically a secret weapon for giving customers the best possible service.

Dedicated CRM systems allow us to manage client relationships effectively, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks,” explains Lopez. “Automation tools further amplify our capabilities, enabling us to deliver personalized messages at scale and maintain a consistent presence across digital platforms.

At 369 Connections, they don’t just focus on communication; they also use digital platforms, media relations, and social media content creation to boost the online visibility of real estate agents. It’s a comprehensive approach with technology at its core.

Our PR strategies use tech for everything, from making content to finding the right audience and keeping track of how engaged they are,” says Lopez. “By using digital platforms and analytics tools, we make our clients look like experts in their field, getting their name out there and building strong connections with their audience.

Even though the company is doing quite well, 369 Connections keeps looking for new ways to bring in new technology to their setup. They’re always looking ahead to see how new developments can improve real estate PR and change things by actively taking in customer feedback, 

As tech keeps changing, so do our strategies,” says Ramirez. “We’re committed to staying ahead of the game, using new technologies to get great results. Our goal is to give our clients the right tools and strategies they need to succeed in today’s digital world.”

With their focus on using technology to make PR better, 369 Connections is changing the game for real estate PR. They’re making it easier, reaching more people, and building stronger connections in the digital age.