The early years of starting a business can be scary. You’re spending all your time and money on building something that may or may not thrive. Nonetheless, life is all about taking risks, and there are few risks as rewarding as starting a business. Jim Becker’s life is a perfect representation of all that entails being a business owner.

After launching his company “Becker Logistics,” Jim had to evaluate the legal, strategic, operational, and financial risks involved in running a business. Shifting his career from a purchasing manager to a business owner was not a facile task. However, once he got the hang of it, Becker was able to make his company one of the best in both the United States and Canada. 

According to Jim, starting a business was one of the best decisions he could make. It gave him a chance to tap into his true potential and discover the limitless possibilities that came with it. 

In the beginning and still today, Jim had to bootstrap his company and feared it would fail to make sufficient revenue to survive the coming years. This fear took away his peace of mind until he decided to change his own belief system. It wasn’t long before the rewards started piling up. The company reached a whopping top line revenue of $176 million in 2022, with its growth rate reaching up to 135% compared to 2019 where the top line revenue was only $75 million. 

Jim had never imagined his company would witness such exponential growth. And that’s the best thing about business; you never know when your profits start multiplying, and before you know it, you’re running a first-class business. Then you look around and you see all the talented people you get to work and share the enjoyment with.  

At present, he and his company have acquired two companies to run under Becker Logistics and has no current plans of another company nearterm. When asked how large the two acquisitions were, Jim stated, “The first was a $20 million company, the second a $45 million company.” 

Next year, Becker Logistics will have the deflationary market in its rearview mirror and plans to go back to its growth story again. Jim could not be more proud of his landmark achievements. 

There’s still a long way to go as Becker looks to create a cap table in October of 2023. This decision will be used as a strategic tool in its first funding round. It will help determine the dilution effect of issuing new shares. It will be used for planning employee stock option pools and for considering potential acquisition offers with teck hustlers.  

Whatever the plan, Jim, his team and his company’s future has never been brighter.