Emotions are key to marketing, create the right feelings to get closer to your customer ~ Namita Tiwari

We all know the importance of emotions in our lives and every marketer can vouch for it in business too.

Elicit emotions to get desired response is what marketers aspire to master in their campaigns and communications.

Emotions tend to ace facts and features when it comes to influencing consumer behavior in the buyer cycle. It has been evident that appealing to the audience on an emotional and personal level can generate more conversions.

Being a senior marketing leader & TEDx Speaker with two decades of experience, I have come up with my concept of marketing called “Elevate Marketing” which is based on 3 key pillars ~ Emotions, Engagement and Experience and how they can outperform the results of campaigns. To know more about this marketing concept, please read this article.

In this article, I will talk specifically about emotions and how they can elevate marketing.

Fuel a deeper connection with consumers, making them more loyal and even make them brand advocates.

Emotions enable you to personalizeyour marketing and humanize your brand which makes consumers identify more closely with your brand.

More inclusive experiences can be provided, when the customer is emotionally connected, proactive listening can create more personalized products and services.

Community building of consumers is easy, when they are emotionally invested. A brand needs to hear customer stories and build marketing stories striking the right emotional chords.

Read my article on storytelling for brands, where I have elaborated further on this approach.

Empathy or Emotion based marketing, appeals strongly to all of us —the message stays longer and makes an aspirational imprint.

Wrap emotions with purpose-driven marketing and the results can be magical.

To conclude, I would like to call out that while there are many ways to apply emotions in marketing, every brand needs to be vigilant about being authentic in its message, vision and purpose while tapping on emotions of consumers. So, identify core values of your brand and align it with your communications and campaigns. Consumers are wise enough to sense your sincerity and authenticity.

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