The world as we know it today is fully immersed in digital technology and automation. Everything has become digitized, from our cars to our living rooms to how we engage with ourselves and others. While those who find the change challenging to comply with have lamented its impact on the traditional world, it has made life easy for everyone. Not only that, the scope of living is now endless, which has trickled down to the level of conception of life. With the recent strides in medicine and fertility studies using AI and automation, the whole landscape of IVF is being revamped, and the COO of Conceivable Life Sciences, Bill Garbarini, plays a significant role in it.

Conceivable Life Sciences recently named Garbarini to its executive team, after incorporating the business at the end of 2022. This startup company, based in New York City, is bullish on automating the IVF laboratory, from gamete selection to storage of frozen material. By doing so, the company hopes to move IVF from an upper class intervention to something that all of those with fertility difficulties can access. Every year, approximately 20 million people worldwide are confronted with the fact that they cannot have children without IVF. However IVF is accessible to barely 1% of those worldwide who need it. If all intended parents were able to access IVF, 10 million babies would be born annually rather than the present 1 million. Garbarini and Conceivable are looking to change that.

A significant portion of the yearly IVF births is now assisted by the advancement of vitrification, the process by which gametes and embryos are frozen and stored. Garbarini brings experience in this realm to Conceivable having  previously spearheaded the development and growth of TMRW Life Sciences, a startup company that is changing the way frozen specimens are stored. He played an integral role on the executive team that designed the world’s first fully Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform designed specifically for the fertility community. By incorporating a Radio Frequency Identification system to assign tags and credits to each sample, the TMRW system further reduces the risk of wrong transfers and mix-ups. 

In addition to his pivotal role at TMRW, Garbarini spent time as the Chief Operating Officer of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey. Here, he directed the non-physician team, totaling 380 personnel. He also helped close the transaction which merged RMA with Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad (IVI) to create IVI-RMA, the world’s largest world’s largest assisted reproduction group.

Garbarini graduated from The College of New Jersey with an undergraduate focus in Economics. He went on to get an MBA with a concentration in Pharmaceutical Studies from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He has broad expertise in life sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and clinic operations areas, with a focus on business development, M&A, product development and team building. You can reach out to Bill Garbarini via email at You can also connect with him on his LinkedIn for more information.