As an entrepreneur stepping into a new niche, one might ask themselves the question: what can I do differently that others don’t do? The answer is in researching and offering something beyond comparison. For the owner of My Greek Boutique, Jazmine Humphrey, it was curating exclusive and original designs, offering a wide array of options, providing quality-driven products, and working and operating as a licensed vendor. It was these four things that made Jazmine’s Greek apparel company the top choice for consumers.

Original designs

My Greek Boutique earned its name due to its original, authentic, and exclusive designs. When launching the company, Jazmine had made it her goal to create designs that do not fall under mainstream trends. From the material she uses for various apparel to the types and formation of accessories, all the designs published are created by My Greek Boutique’s owner. Even as a dropship company, Jazmine refrained from copying other Greek paraphernalia designs, widely utilized and created for mass production, and instead promoted her own motif.

Variety of options

Other than being a company that provides exclusive designs, My Greek Boutique is known for offering more than just the average sweatshirt and keychains. For apparel, Jazmine has made sure to add sets, dresses, skirts, silk robes, and even bomber jackets. Moreover, they offer hoodies, baseball t-shirts, and swimwear for both fraternities and sororities. My Greek Boutique also has a range of accessories, such as umbrellas, laptop sleeves and mousepads, masks, water bottles, keychains, and many more.

Where My Greek Boutique’s variety is unquestionable, they have customized the designs and colors to complement each fraternity and sorority’s core values, history, and logos.

Quality assured

It is common to lose quality when offering a wide range of products to choose from. However, Jazmine has maintained the quality of her products through and through, despite having sold numerous apparel and accessories to top-ranking Greek-letter organizations. My Greek Boutique has quickly turned into a fan-favorite due to its commitment to its quality, ensuring long durability and all-in-one comfort.

Licensed vendor

Lastly, where the company offers many options to choose from, it is also a licensed vendor partnered with Divine Nine (D9) African American sororities and fraternities. As an approved vendor, My Greek Boutique has been recognized as a legit and authentic company that provides products specific to each organization.

These four rudimentary elements have made My Greek Boutique what it is. It is easy to call something or someone the best; Jazmine, through her principles, has applied and showcased this in her practice.