It’s important to keep in mind the hospitality and catering business trends, but Steve Sidd is known to not only do that but also to set the trends in this business himself. He provides quality food services throughout Australia. The hospitality consultant is also the co-owner of the brilliant catering software package, Hospitality Genie, which is a software for promoting efficiency and profit for a growing catering business.

Covid-19 taught people in the food industry to take responsibility for implementing safety standards. It allowed the people in the industry to take their time to think about the loopholes and close them. As a result, Steve and his staff opened their new spaces with much tighter controls within their business and far more effective staff performance.

Native Australian ingredients, indigenous food practices, and traditions inspire the fantastic food scene of Australia. Steve, a highly experienced food services specialist, also believes that Australian native bush food ingredients like saltbush, pepper berry, lemon myrtle, and wattleseed should already be trending. Though these ingredients have been used in traditional dishes and medicines for more than 40,000 years, he wants to add diversity to the food through these ingredients, using them to create new experimental recipes.

Steve is quite excited for different restaurants to experiment with different varieties of mushrooms because they have been a special ingredient because of their versatility, and they are a part of all the favorite foods of people in the world, including pizzas and different kinds of pasta. Mushrooms are indeed an appealing application for today’s menu due to the flavor, function, and form that they put in.

Steve belongs to an Egyptian and Greek background, so he has always been a fan of meats that are slowly cooked. However, a few years ago, he underwent a massive life transformation and gave up on carbs and meat, switching to a clean pescatarian diet. In the past years, Steve has improved his eating habits by reflecting on common triggers, replacing unhealthy habits, and reinforcing new eating patterns. His health is a priority for him, which is why he prefers eating hygienic food.

With so many beyond meat and new food options filling the freezer, the potential for plant-based chicken suddenly seems limitless. Steve has predicted that plant-based “chicken” is the meat-alternative trend set to take over in 2023. With 26 dining concepts and over 40 event spaces, with over 350 employees, Steve has been working very hard on incorporating these new trends to his menu, and introducing his clients to an entirely new concept of food.

There is no doubt that the biggest food news of the past year was the rising cost of groceries, which will continue to have an impact as we head into 2023. However, the trends that Steve has shared and the advancements in plant-based products, reducing food waste, and functional foods and drinks may give everyone something to look forward to in the new year.

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