The music industry has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years, thanks to the advent of digital technology. The rise of digital music has made it easier for artists to create and distribute music and has given consumers more choices when buying and listening to music. To make your name in this fast-paced musical world, transcribing music is the best way to develop your unique sound as a musician and improve your future performance.

Today, Sean Wilson is considered a leading music coach in the musical sphere. With his unique approach to playing music by ear, he also focuses on finding and showing the notes to a song, commonly known as transcription in the musical term. He adds that transcribing is learning a piece of music by ear and writing it out in the notation. It is a trial-and-error process that improves a person’s musical awareness – melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic understanding. It is also incredibly effective in helping musicians absorb and integrate other artists’ techniques into their performances. With the help of this technique, you imitate others and then slowly learn to develop your style and voice.

Sean discusses that transcription is the best practice one can adopt to improve their skills as a musician, as it forces one to listen to music. To transcribe a piece of music, you must listen carefully and pick out all the individual notes. It is a great way to develop your ear and music listening ability- and makes you think about the music differently. Additionally, it helps you build your style and approach to playing piano, which is a great way to find your sound as a musician. And finally, it is an excellent technique to improve your ear and pushes you to learn new pieces of music more quickly. 

On his YouTube channel, Sean transcribes songs for musicians and talks about his experience with the process. During transcription, he explains the techniques of how to play, what the musicians played, why it works, and how they can do something similar in their songs. And this is what makes him one of the top music content creators to date.

Sean believes that music is alive; it is more than formulas and rote memorization. Music can help us relax, rejuvenate and even help us focus. It can also provide energy and motivation and is a great way to connect with others and share our feelings. He adds that his only goal is to create well-rounded musicians by teaching them the best practices and approaches to help them succeed in their musical profession.  To truly play music, you must tap into your spirit and the spirit of the audience, he adds, and this obviously takes time and patience. When you play from the heart, you are tapping into something much more profound than notes on a page. You are sharing your emotions and connecting with your listeners in a way that no other form of communication can. If you also wish to communicate with the audience and learn free piano techniques, follow Sean’s Instagram, where he gives free educational musical lessons to his 47k followers, and be a part of his journey.