Being a content creator means sharing almost everything about your life with people; including your success, failures, and sometimes the most vulnerable side of your personality. To stand out in the digital world, you must be honest and relatable, or you will be lost somewhere in the crowd. Sammy Gerb is one of the few content creators who quickly received immense love and recognition, all thanks to her creativity.

Sharing content on social media was her way of dealing with the uncertainty and gloominess that prevailed during the pandemic. She started posting her painting videos, which helped her heal and feel more of herself. Her strength and willpower are exemplary and an inspiration for everyone out there. The best part about her videos is the funny yet dramatic narration of the stories from her life. She speaks her heart out, making her content different from others.

For Sammy, creating content that adds value to her audience’s life is important. Over time, she has improved a lot as an artist and takes feedback seriously to maintain the quality of her work. She owes her success to the people who support her, so she tries to give away a lot of paintings to her followers as a gesture of gratitude. Moreover, she also has been consistently donating to different charities through the profit from her paintings.

With her intrinsic personality of helping others, Sammy connects with many young artists and assists them in growing their platforms. In the future, she plans to provide virtual painting lessons as she firmly believes that everyone is an artist in themselves. Sammy also intends to grow her social media and continue making eye-catching and useful content. Working with brands and collaborating with artists is also a part of her plan for the coming years.

Sammy’s work started flourishing on TikTok when one of her painting videos went viral. Within a few weeks, people started recognizing and appreciating her work, and she gained around 500k followers, which was the beginning of her success. Today she has 1.7 followers on TikTok and a growing Youtube channel where she shares tips and tricks for content creation and tools that could fit any budget. With her story as an inspiration, Gerb encourages young artists to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.