In the ever-changing world and all the advancement it brings, it is vital for us to change with time. If we become flexible to the changes around us, we can catch up in every aspect of our lives, whether social or professional. Theatrical Intimacy Specialist Ann James is working hard to bring attention to the change that needs to happen in the entertainment industry. 

Intimacy training and direction are a much-needed change for the entertainment industry. Ann is the first Black intimacy director on Broadway and is adamant about bringing positive and more inclusive change to the on-screen and on-stage performances of actors. It is evident that sometimes it can be uncomfortable and awkward for artists to perform a provocative or steamy scene on the screen or the stage. This is where Ann and her team of intimacy experts come through to counsel and train the actors in the art of intimacy and consent. 

With the entertainment industry becoming more expressive and open, performing intimate acts in a safe and controlled environment is essential for the performer’s security. As a performer, Ann understands the need for proper counsel and training for the performers to act in a contented and comfortable environment for their convenience and comfort so that they can give their best performance. 

Ann also understood the impact something like intimacy direction might have if done incorrectly or by the wrong person. She found out the entertainment industry was successfully changing, but the intimate direction was limited to predominantly white experts. Ann learned and educated herself in the art of intimacy and pioneered becoming the first Black person to become an intimacy director for people of color on Broadway. 

She saw a significant gap in the industry; people of color didn’t have intimate directors who looked like them. This is an essential aspect because intimacy has different meanings for different people. To showcase the best intimacy among people of color, it would be best to have an intimacy specialist of color to advise and counsel on the proper intimacy techniques used. 

Intimacy is such a sensitive and private aspect of a person’s life, that showcasing it in a performance might become problematic if intimacy directors are not around to help navigate the scenes. Ann is determined to make the entertainment industry inclusive for all people of color and make it a safe and comfortable place to showcase art and culture. 

To learn more about Ann James and her company, visit her website, The Intimacy Coordinators of Color