Hailing from a middle-class family, Chris Martin was taught to work hard and with dedication. Growing up, he learned many valuable lessons from his father and grandfather, who were a great source of inspiration. Setting foot into the professional world, Martin was eager to see what life had to offer, what opportunities existed, and what the final destination would look like. Despite the few hurdles he faced, he built a legacy for himself. 

Today, Chris is an accomplished businessman who has built multiple companies in various domains. He was one of the principle co-founders of BlueBird Network, a telecom fiber infrastructure group concentrated on the expansion of high capacity network capacity in the Midwest. After leading BlueBird on a successful path for nearly ten years, he sold his shares for a profitable sum and founded a real estate investment enterprise – Ketsali Luxury Homes and Developments. 

In 2019, Chris founded Ketsali with his wife Keren with one goal in mind: to develop high quality homes that are thoughtfully planned out converging architecture, project management and accounting.   For them, Ketsali is building a close-knit community where one family is determined and dedicated to helping other families in their real estate journey. The husband-wife duo wants to bridge the gap between quality and sustainability. 

Currently, Chris’s legacy company GlenMartin is raising capital for Ketsali Fund 1 – a platform aiming to build an extensive international portfolio of luxury homes with stable cash flow streams in premium luxury destinations. In addition, Ketsali has recently completed its first signature home in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. This project is an amazing demonstration of what Ketsali Developments can accomplish internationally while setting a new trend in the alternative investment market.

Over the past three years, Chris has worked diligently to develop a platform for the future luxury vacation homes.   We’ve hosted numerous events featuring our new investment center located in the heart of the Dallas Design District.   He believes that every real estate investment should prioritize on finding sustainable cash flow streams, co-ownership strategies  and optimized leverage with these investments. It is safe to say that Ketsali’s partners enjoy partial ownership and all the associated perks – high ROI, profitable returns, increase in value, and more.

In the near future, Martin hopes for Ketsali to become people’s top choice in luxury real estate investments. The company is actively working on more projects, and it won’t be long before Chris’ investment venture is widely known. 

Connect with Chris Martin via his LinkedIn or Ketsali’s website to understand how the company works.