How to turn your passion for art into a profitable profession that provides a stable stream of income? If you are a passionate artist looking for a breakthrough in your career and have had such thoughts preoccupying your mind lately, you’ll have lots to learn from the inspirational educator, performance artist, writer, and entrepreneur, Alexis Fedor.

Like many artists, the founder of Artists In Business, Alexis Fedor, walked a similar trail of doubts as she contemplated ways to spin her passion into a profitable venture. Today, she has managed to build her business exactly how she dreamt it to be, where she teaches artists how to build a thriving art business that aligns with their passion, purpose, and profit. She aims to empower artists to overcome their obstacles and build a life that’s both creatively fulfilling and financially secure.

Introducing her business, Artists In Business, Alexis’s business has a holistic approach to delivering long-lasting results to the artists they collaborate with. She has incorporated a unique strategic plan to create a roadmap for every artist based on their preferences and demands. This distinctive approach enables Alexis and her team to create a personalized experience for each artist who moves through their programs, and one of the main reasons their clients have taken significant strides as far as their earnings are concerned. AIB stays in touch with its clients and helps them connect the dots for their best business plan that yields great results.

It is incredible how Alexis has been a guiding force for many young artists, but she borrows her passion from her family’s history with arts. With a poet and writer for a mother and a painter-sculptor for a father, it was no surprise she gravitated toward creativity. 

“My parents taught me to lean into my creativity and most importantly, to work hard for what I wanted. In my first dance class at age eight, I was hopelessly uncoordinated and ready to quit. But my parents convinced me into it,” she reminisced fondly.

It all started on a dance stage with young Alexis contemplating her dance abilities. However, time and a strong mindset proved to be her best friends as she perfected her art and patiently worked to cement her business Artists in Business.

Alexis’ advice for fellow artists is similar to the wisdom of her parent’s teachings; she wants the artist community to understand the importance of dedication and tackling things in bite-sized pieces. She has only benefited by carrying on these lessons throughout her career and does so even today. 

Breaking impossible tasks down to create clarity and structure is all part of Alexis’ process in business and art. Applying this tried and tested formula to her clients has helped her business develop into a successful venture. 

There are a few people in this world who inspire others to be their best selves, and Alexis Fedor is one of those few. Her resolute nature and optimistic persona give hope to all artists who are failing to find a light at the end of the tunnel. To find out more about Alexis Fedor and her galvanizing journey, be sure to visit her website.