A dream is like making origami; whatever steps you follow is the shape you get. If you work hard with dedication to fold your dreams, you will get a perfect life. You won’t get anything if you only stare at the paper and think of a shape. Author John Holowaty teaches this through his e-book The Success Journal. According to him, the success formula is not just thinking of a brilliant idea; it is putting effort into the action of that idea. 

Dreamers are often called mad people; however, they are the ones who change the world. A dream doesn’t need to make sense; your effort should prove it sensible. John says that many people fail to climb their learning curve chart because they don’t put enough effort. They pick on a business niche, work on it for seven days, give up, and then pick another. The Mobius strip continues with no effective growth or results. To avoid this, John has put on the mentorship cape to help others achieve their dreams. 

John used to be a dreamer too, but the only difference between him and other dreamers was he worked for it. Remember, opportunities don’t arrive on the doorstep; one has to walk to them. Even when nothing is working out from where you stand, you can align your dream towards it, like how John, being a personal trainer, aligned himself to network marketing and became a fitness entrepreneur. Notice how fitness and entrepreneur are two different terms put together; it’s not impossible if you have a dream. 

Through The Success Journal, John shows that the road to dream and success in life is simple: work hard and be consistent with your goals. For him, simplicity creates speed, and everything looks blurry except the target end.

To gather dreamers from all over the world, John launched the ‘Dream Chasers’ group, a community where all passions come to life. By meeting network marketing, affiliate marketing, online marketing, or any other business experts, the members will learn how to shape their dreams into a perfect form. They can feel re-energized and motivated when connected with people having similar mindsets. 

John’s recent book, Between Fear and Fortune, is also dedicated to dreamers. It focuses on following dreams by making the right choice and building a fortune. When chasing a dream, choices and fortune go hand in hand; the pathway you choose to follow and hard work will give you financial freedom. He has made mistakes, learned from them, and now he is ready to share them with the world, with dreamers. 

When asked his inspiration behind creating the group and publishing self-help books, John shared that dreamers deserve a mentor who can help them gain clarity; these projects follow that vision. 

Anyone can stammer on their way to achieving dreams. One always needs a motivational push to come out of the loop and progress, and as a mentor, John Holowaty offers it with open arms through his various personal development projects.