To be a travel and entertainment influencer is no easy task; one has to be quick-witted and have a good sense of humor to keep their audience engaged. There are many travel influencers and bloggers on every social media platform, but Renee Ash stands out from them all. She is fun-loving and doesn’t care what others think about her lifestyle. Let’s have a look at her latest travel indulgences.

Be Tulum is a hotel and resort overlooking the Caribbean sea. The guests at this resort have great and relaxing vacations with their unique healing and therapeutic services. These services are derived from ancient Mayan practices, and Renee loves to go there to relax and reset herself. One of her Instagram captions/comments states how much she is“Looking forward to more experiences like this

Zenyara is a privately owned property that Renee frequents during the Coachella festivals. She stays on this property with her team and friends to attend the festival and loves to enjoy various events and services provided by the estate. She mentions them repeatedly on her Instagram and has only high praise for them.

Pause Studio in Los Angeles is a go-to health and wellness studio for Renee to relax. They use special Epsom salts to heal and rejuvenate their clients. As she is a big advocate of healing oneself, she thinks the people at Pause Studio help greatly. Renee loves to go there because of their impeccable services and the relaxation she gets after a good soak in their floating, non-sensory chamber.

Other than fancy spas, resorts, and wellness centers, Renee also gets invited to many promotional events from different brands worldwide. The biggest brands like GMC Motors and Amazon Prime invite her to their promotions and premieres. Renee is thankful for the invites and posts them on her social media pages. She loves attending all these events to promote herself as an influencer.

She was invited to attend the GMC Motors HummerRev event, where the company promoted its upcoming car. She met with many of her friends and colleagues and posted, “I’m not sure how I ended up at a #gmchummerev event, but I ran into all my boys & juice cleansed.

Very recently, Renee was also invited to the film premiere of “Run Sweetheart Run” which was arranged by Amazon Prime and was a star-studded event that Renee enjoyed a lot and also posted on social media.

All these events and places make a great way for Renee to promote herself as a travel and entertainment influencer. She never disappoints promoters and collaborates with them by posting and updating her social media accounts. It seems the day isn’t very far when we see Renee become the top influencer in the market. To keep up with Renee, follow her on Instagram @renee.ash and TikTok @renee.ash.