The new generation is the people who will lead the future of the world. To lead, they need experience and insights from experts. Eric Castellano is an inspiring Influencer with a lot of experience in the e-commerce industry. He is also an educator who helps new and existing e-commerce sellers manage and expand their businesses with his help.

Featured in the Entrepreneur magazine, Eric has been using his deep knowledge of 8 years about e-commerce to educate young people. He is the founder of a successful third-party company with $350 million in lifetime product sales. His experience while building this large company was not easy as he faced many challenges and financial struggles in life. Eric had a hard time keeping up with his goals because of a personal struggle with substance abuse as well. Eric’s strong willingness and tolerance for disappointments led him to climb the business market ladder. He learned to surround himself with open-minded and positive people to motivate himself to succeed. Eric has won the Two Comma Club Award from ClickFunnels for his contribution and efforts.

Working hard to reach his own goals, Eric is on the mission to help others in achieving theirs as well.  He sees that the Amazon community lacks authentic guidance from experts. Therefore, he takes it upon himself to help the small and large businesses to expand and grow with time as they have the potential. So, he opened a consulting agency, AmazonLit, for Amazon sellers.

Eric is the perfect mentor for the young generation because of his optimistic personality and good analytical skills. He has launched a new learning program called EsellersRI that contains all the personalized and specially designed courses about Amazon business. It is a highly qualified Amazon FBA course that many people have bought to grow their businesses. He is set on educating 20,000 Amazon sellers about revenue expansion while directing his own company as well. He aims to increase his company’s sales by $100 million per year. So far, he has reached 20% of his goal of mentoring 20,000 people but he is motivated to increase it through Instagram Influencing.

Currently, Eric and Sebastian Cwik, his business partner are working on developing a SaaS with his team to facilitate the sellers in buying and processing purchases with vendors. As the new generation lacks experience, Eric gives insight into the business world and e-commerce industry through his Instagram and creative content on YouTube.

On Instagram, he regularly posts and engages his followers regarding various issues they might be facing. Through extensive research and dedication to mentorship, Eric also posts videos on TikTok and YouTube related to Amazon and wholesale business.

Eric is optimistic that the new generation has the ability to bring something unique and innovative to the world of e-commerce business. Through his content, the new generation can learn to be more confident in making decisions in their own business interest.