Robert Ritter is a visionary fellow with a mission. It is evident from his five-decade career in life insurance and sales management and his contributions to the industry.

One of his fundamental contributions is InsMark, a financial company specializing in producing tools for life insurance companies to convert their products into simplified illustrations. Robert is the kind of person who hates to drag issues to an extent where they become complex to understand. He has a unique ability to understand and explain even the most complex financial subjects in simple terms.

InsMark is a manifestation of his talent, and life insurers have greatly benefited from the company and the products it creates.

Imagine a life insurance presentation using a 40-page explanation that looks like a stock prospectus. This result comes from the actuaries and attorneys bringing their presentation skills to bear, and while it does contain important information, it is not sales-oriented in the least.

This result grabbed the attention of Robert: the poor presentation of financial data by life insurance companies. If a prospective client must review this horror, show it last, not first. When it’s first, your prospect is brain dead by the time you get to explain the significant numbers and related strategies.

Robert scribbled some solutions, thought them through, revised them repeatedly, built the architecture, and presented InsMark as a remedy to the problem using separate reports that became top-page presentations – shown first. Advisers loved it. 

Here is part of the testimonial by William Moates: “I have been a user of InsMark since 1999… In fact, it was the InsMark software that assisted me in closing my first big case,” says William while sharing his successful experience with InsMark. “With InsMark and their illustration of the advantages of Split-Dollar, my sale was completed on my first presentation to my client. My proposals have never been the same since. 

You will find many producers like William through the testimonials available on InsMark’s website. The reason behind this is simple enough to understand: InsMark has eased the way financial producers conduct their business.

By renovating the presentation system of the financial data, InsMark adopted a creative and artistic way to approach selling. InsMark is now part of the selling process of thousands of insurance advisers via its highly advanced and uncomplicated illustration modules.

InsMark has been a profitable business from the first month it started its operation. Robert’s idea of improving the quality of the presentation of life insurance products catapulted him to the limelight and impacted the lives of those connected with the insurance industry.

Over 30,000 producers use InsMark, sponsored by 100+ major insurance companies. The symposium that InsMark holds every year also adds tremendous value to insurers and financial producers. Robert has become a significant figure in the industry and receives frequent requests to speak at major industry meetings and conferences.

What wonders imagination can create!