We can all think of at least one company with an innovative leader pushing the brand to new heights. Steve Jobs comes to mind. Now imagine a company driven by not one but two equally curious and creative individuals. The two co-founders of Zeroed-In Consulting, Kyle Geers (CEO) and John Ikosipentarhos (COO), are shining examples that sometimes two are better than one.

Kyle is a UCLA grad with a bachelors’ degree in Business Economics and a minor in Accounting. He has spent over eight years in the public accounting realm, first as an auditor and later transitioning into consulting. John is a California State University, Fullerton graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting.

They met working together at the global CPA firm Grant Thornton, where both Kyle and John started their professional careers in public accounting. Kyle and John decided to take action after detecting deficiencies and outdated practices in the public accounting and professional services industry, realizing these will fall behind the accelerating pace of business and technology. They made it their mission to solve the problems they observed, and the idea of Zeroed-In Consulting was born.

In 2021, they turned the idea into reality. Following illustrious careers in public accounting, they set out on a journey to change the formula of success in the industry by focusing on employees and embracing the power of technology. Combining their experiences, skills, and perspectives, Kyle and John continue taking Zeroed-In Consulting to new heights by rapidly growing their client base and team.

Zeroed-In Consulting is a consulting firm based in Southern California – focusing on providing businesses with specialized assistance for their accounting and finance functions and enabling the company’s management/owners to focus on the priority tasks of developing the business. Relentlessly focused on the future, their long-term goal is facilitating companies in business intelligence, automation, and other technologies spurring improvement in all areas of a client’s business.

A critical factor of their remarkable success in a surprisingly short time is how each team member provides complementary perspectives and skills. Kyle brings a steadfast optimistic outlook and a firm technical background in accounting complexities. John offsets this with a cautious mindset and a strong understanding of the internal processes of a business and its accounting and finance functions. At Zeroed-In, they join forces to bring a full-service approach to its clients to provide value on multiple fronts.

Practicing what they preach, Kyle and John wholeheartedly believe that a company is nothing without its people. They are obsessed with the idea of growing a team of curious and collaborative individuals who brainstorm to create innovative and breakthrough ideas – and they have already grown their team by hiring another bright mind at the end of 2021.

If two heads are better than one, imagine what can be achieved by a whole team. Zeroed-In is excited to expand the team, looking for curious and motivated individuals who share Kyle’s and John’s vision to change the professional services industry for the better. Contact them to learn more!