He has a shark tattooed on his left bicep, which, apart from showcasing his love for the animal, mirrors what he has been all his life – an adventurer.

Dr. Blagg grew interested in sharks while helping an organization, Reef Check, monitor ocean temperatures and the condition of coral reefs along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. He had a knack for marine life since early in life. He became a certified SCUBA diver at age 13.

Today, Dr. Blagg is a celebrated plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas. Apart from being an owner of many businesses, he is a philanthropist as well who runs surgical missions in Haiti and Guatemala. Ross is also an excellent multimedia artist who loves to paint and do mixed media art.

This altruistic man grew up in Arkansas. At the age of nine weeks, he was found to have a congenital heart defect and had to undergo open-heart surgery. This major event and the next five years of seeing a Cardiologist for scheduled follow-ups prompted his interest in medicine.

His natural artistic abilities combined with an inquisitive interest in science and medicine ultimately led him to a career as a plastic surgeon. That is, a shark-diving plastic surgeon!

“I like being able to help people and to be a part of their change in life for the better,” says Ross while sharing why he chose plastic surgery. “I try to always take time with my patients to make them feel valued and to let them know that I do this job because I love it.” he further added.

Ross is an adventure philanthropist. And his newest project, Plastic Surgery Road Trip (PSRT) showcases that adventurer meets philanthropist side. Dr. Ross has already fused art and medicine in his work as a plastic surgeon and when asked what fusion PSRT consisted of, he replied, “PSRT is where road warriors, adrenaline junkies, and makeover lovers collide.” Well, that seems to describe Plastic Surgery Road Trip, airing on YouTube, pretty well. Essentially, Dr. Ross and friends road trip across America finding deserving individuals who need plastic surgery to help complete their journeys and offer that service to them. Along the way, he goes to great lengths to get a little adrenaline high, before ultimately changing a life and getting that sweet makeover moment. For a man used to fusing life’s wonders into something magical, we think this new project might just be his best work yet.  The series is available to watch on the YouTube channel of Lyfe in Plastic Productions.  And you can follow the daily adventures of Dr. Ross on Instagram: @dr.rossblagg.