SOJOS aspires to help girls and women become more confident and look more beautiful and elegant. It’s a mission that they want to accomplish with their eyewear or other fashion accessories that they are planning to provide in the future. So far, with their eyeglasses and sunglasses, they have achieved half of their mission as their brand is the top seller for women’s sunglasses on Amazon.

“See the extraordinary” is not only the slogan of SOJOS, but it is also everything the company does; making eyewear desirable, workable, available, and attainable for every soul on this earth.

What’s more, the brand is also offering its products on its website. A beautifully created website entails all the products that the brand is offering currently, including newly-added accessories, i.e., neck chains, can-shaped bags, multiple-colored leather bags, etc.

Moreover, the website is mainly known for its prescription eyewear. Those people who have a knack for eyeglasses or sunglasses but an eyesight problem has created a huge obstacle on their way to allay their passion for fashion, SOJOS is an eternal remedy. Apart from eyeglasses and sunglasses, Its broad line of eyewear includes cateyes glasses, reading glasses, and blue-light-blocking, all perfect for people with visual problems as well.

SOJOS is targeting to become the world’s top-seller for eyeglasses and sunglasses and the first choice brand for prescription glasses.  

Their dreams are pretty big, without an iota of doubt. They have achieved so much so far in their seven years in the market. Maybe the low price for their high-value glasses or their preference to put customers’ feedback over everything else has made this massive success in the industry possible for them.

But behind everything else, there is one crucial factor that stands tall above all. And that is the team of SOJOS.

“It is, certainly, our team. It grows very fast, and we love studying and the spirit of hard work,” answered Sojos when asked the factors they would attribute to their success. Their team is a learner; it keeps learning while doing its job. It learns from customers’ feedback, it learns from fashionable elements, and it learns from an internal training system that is one of the unique features of SOJOS.

SOJOS’s team keeps its eyes on new things that can be a great addition to their customers. The internal coordination between teams is another thing that sets them apart from other businesses. They work fast. With the advantage of having their factory, from planning to designing to production and finally selling, everything is done at an impressive speed. The team of SOJOS Vision has vast experience in the industry. From their founders to the lower hierarchy, all have worked closely with other famous international brands before ending up serving a great purpose at SOJOS – empowerment through fashion accessories.