Stephanie Gonzalez is a well-known Instagrammer who is famous for her red hair. She is the youngest of four children born in Fresno, California, to a middle-class family. She is also a social media star and brand influencer, with her Instagram account being particularly popular.

Stephanie’s experience demonstrates that you don’t need to change anything about yourself if you’re in good health and happiness with your appearance. Her plus-size modeling and partnerships with various fashion companies have garnered her more than 622,000 Instagram followers. Here are a few inspirations you can take from Stephanie’s life. 

  1. Positive affirmations

One of the most straightforward and most powerful messages we get from Stephanie’s life is about the ways we may practice self-love. She encourages us to say it out and often, especially when it is challenging to be grateful for our bodies. Give yourself vocal support and reminders daily. This may be saying something kind to yourself in the mirror in the morning, putting encouraging sticky notes on your bedside table, or even programming daily affirmations into your phone or computer. Look for slogans about self-love and body positivity that resonate with you.

And remember, some of these efforts may seem useless, but it doesn’t mean it’s not working. Continue your efforts. A little hilarity isn’t going to damage you.

  1. Think healthier, not skinnier

Stephanie guides us not to frame our fitness objectives in terms of a number we would want to see on the scale when we’re preparing meals or going to the gym. Exercise and a healthy diet are not punishments; they are ways for us to demonstrate respect and gratitude for our bodies. So, instead of focusing on how much your body weighs or how it is shaped, consider all of the great things it can do, all of the places it can take you, how it feels, and the experiences it can provide. Then reward yourself with healthful foods and workouts that you genuinely like.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others

Stephanie’s influence focuses on the message that people come in a variety of forms and sizes. One individual is attractive in one manner, while the next person is lovely in another. Isn’t that the way it should be? Consider how monotonous it would be if there were just one way to be and feel attractive. When you compare yourself to others, you may feel as if you don’t look as well as you should, but you’re not intended to look like someone else; you’re supposed to look like you. Treat your body with the same respect you would show a friend. And, if what you’re about to say about your body is something you’d be embarrassed to say about a friend’s body, don’t say it! Negative self-talk just drives us further into our bodies’ negative thought habits.