Business owners are well aware of the importance of marketing in a business. When entrepreneurs envision creating a sizable profit, marketing plays a crucial role in achieving that goal. Unsurprisingly, many companies will fail without marketing. 

Through marketing, entrepreneurs inform and convince consumers that a product or a service is valuable to their lives, therefore encouraging sales. Marketing can increase people’s awareness of a product or a service and build an audience of people who can potentially buy a product or a service. It also helps build trust from consumers. It is one way of establishing an excellent reputation for a company. And most importantly, marketing can boost the sales of a product or a service.   

Entrepreneur Mario Garcia recognized that every business needs a reliable marketing solution to promote a product or service to its target customers. Garcia said that a marketing team is instrumental in creating a relationship between the company and its prospective customers. Thus, Garcia founded a business that allows any business to have a dedicated digital marketing division built to what every local business needs to know in a digitally powered world.Entrepreneur Mario Garcia

Photo Credit: Mario Garcia – Entrepreneur

The New Marketing Era

The explosion of new digital platforms has transformed how businesses have conducted their marketing and advertising in the past ten years. One of the biggest drivers of change in marketing is the advent of search engines and social media. Search engines and Social media now play a massive role in promoting products and influencing consumers on what to purchase. As the old way of marketing started to decline, a new kind of marketing emerged from its digital cocoon and gave birth to digital marketing.

Garcia said that digital marketing is the new era of marketing. Entrepreneurs and marketers are becoming more digital nowadays as they start to veer away from traditional marketing. Garcia added that as an entrepreneur, adopting digital marketing has become a necessity. “If you want to scale up your business, you need digital marketing. It is also the best way to boost your brand awareness,” he continued.  Digital marketing can be very overwhelming for many new entrepreneurs, but the level of sophistication it provides in targeting consumers is where Garcia excels.  

“In this day and age, I know that conventional business tactics no longer offer the same results as the previous generation as 93% of shoppers say they’ve used online resources before buying a product or service. What I bring is a new era of marketing and sales that embraces technology with digital strategies to build businesses by honing in on the target audience, using the right creative and message through the right channels” Garcia said. Through Marketing DVSN, a digital marketing agency established by Garcia, he has been able to help others excel in the digital age.

The Founder of Marketing DVSN

Garcia’s story is a tale of an individual who left his corporate life to build a business that helps other companies with their marketing needs. Before Garcia became an entrepreneur, he spent his professional career working for the most prominent companies in Canada, such as AutoCanada, Go Auto, Molson Coors. For 12 years, Garcia formulated and managed the marketing strategies of these companies. All those years have given Garcia laden experience regarding in-depth business and marketing, especially in the Automotive Industry.

“For nearly five years, I managed and strategized the marketing of AutoCanada dealerships which is the largest public auto group in Canada. I handled more than 60 dealerships marketing and budget strategies focusing on sales and service leads,” Garcia narrated. He now has over 100 dealerships’ marketing strategies to his name, which coincide with sales, finance and fixed operations goals.

Garcia is best described as someone who possesses an approachable demeanour that allows him to adapt to different situations quickly. He is also quick to embrace new technologies such as customer relationship management solutions and cutting-edge marketing tactics. “My passion lies in marketing strategy. I am always keen to answer the million-dollar question of a dealership—what marketing should I be doing to generate the best results?” he said. The truth is, everyone has a different answer, there are many variables that I analyze when strategizing a client’s marketing plan, all digital of course, for the highest ROI.  

What Do They Do At Marketing DVSN?

“I want to allow every business to have its own Digital Marketing Division,” Garcia explained to elaborate the reason behind why he created the company. Garcia said that the digital age has created a fast-paced business landscape. He continued that most business owners or managers do not have the luxury of time to keep up with the latest advertising and marketing trends where they can excel.

“Instead of building your marketing division from scratch, we can provide your business with an instant marketing division. It will allow you to focus more on your business operation while we handle the marketing aspect, meanwhile, grow your traffic and leads by up to 200% Garcia said. His strategies are banked on more than a decade of marketing experience. Garcia’s plans utilize a combination of Facebook, Google, and lead generation campaigns that will generate more opportunities. Garcia said that their marketing strategies increased leads by 200%, which resulted in $2.4 million in sales, for just one of their clients. 

Bottom Line

Clients express their immense satisfaction with the services provided by Marketing DVSN. One of the clients specifically said that Garcia is very professional and reliable. The client added that one of Garcia’s strongest attributes is his attention to detail. Meanwhile, another client remarked that Garcia always delivered whenever anything was needed and because of his knowledge and expertise, we increased our business by 35%.  “Marketing Division is built to drive leads for their clients so they can increase sales,” Garcia said, and follow through with complete effort and dedication.

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