Being an entrepreneur is a dream of many people. Yes, it makes life better compared to a regular 9-5 job. However, to be one, a person has to take efforts, stay focused and learn how to make profits and promote their business. Debarpan Mukherjee, a digital marketer was aware of all of this when he decided to wants to start his business.

Today, Debarpan Mukherjee has a reputation of one of the best SEO experts in the country. With the website flippa, he helped many people to easily flip their sites. As he has a vast knowledge of how Google Adsense works and how it can be used to earn money, he helped clients who are into blogging.

Years of studying the internet and honing his skills in digital marketing and working hard to be the best in everything helped Debarpan to reach at this stage in his career. However, it was not an easy journey. He had seen failure, losses, setbacks and even lost all hopes at one point of life.

After losing his parents in 2012, Debarpan Mukherjee lost his vision partially in 2015. He had no work and slipped into depression. At that point, the Enterpreneur felt like he will never be able to do anything. But he mustered up the courage to get up again and start something of his own. Today, his efforts paid off and he has nothing to worry about.

But Debarpan Mukherjee is not limited his work only to digital marketing and SEO expertise. He shares, “I am also active trader in New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Stock Exchange. I am a big fan of Warren Buffet. I also invest in real estate/property. Occasionally, I love to write poems and do roller skating, biking and swimming. Currently, I am on my way to launch hotel business.”

With his plan to soon venture into Hotel Business, we can see how Debarpan is financially stable to expand and widen his business interests. He is an apt example of how one must never stop dreaming big.