Whether Tinder or Grinder: We all want as many swipes to the right as possible. In order for this to work, you should observe a few rules.
Granted: online dating makes it pretty easy for us to be on our best behavior: Perfectly lit photo (with filter), funny answers we can think about beforehand and unlimited opportunities to meet new people outside our bubble. But: There are also certain rules of the game that go down particularly well (or not) with the person opposite: Because not everything that is supposed to bring Likes and Dates is really good for the viewer. We know three mistakes you should not make.

Mistakes in online dating #1: Snapshot spontaneously

More important than hairstyle and six-pack is the setting in which you take your picture. According to psychologists. Especially if the photo is intended to impress women – because they derive the status of the man from the background. So if you take a photo of yourself at home: tidy up, put designer furniture in order and please never – wait a minute, we’ll repeat this again: NEVER take a topless picture in the bathroom mirror.

Online dating mistake #2: Posting selfies

Ever since Instagram was invented, there have been studies on it: Most Likes get bluish photos and backlit pictures. Total turnoffs, on the other hand, are selfies, because they seem to be in love with themselves.

Online dating mistakes #3: Say what you don’t want

Many searchers fire off a bar of exclusion criteria in their profile: no smokers, no fatties, nothing under 170 or over 21 etc. Let’s put it this way: sympathy does not arise by appearing negative. Instead, you should rather tell something about yourself to attract suitable matches. Exception: no ONS. You can safely mention that immediately…