In connection between Montalcino winery and Microsoft home in Milan

With a connection between Montalcino (Siena) and Milan, the first interactive virtual wine tasting took place. The Ciacci Piccolomini D’Aragona estate organized it in Montalcino in collaboration with Microsoft and the partner Si-Net. In direct connection with the Montalcino winery, thanks to the partnership, messaging and video-conferencing platform Microsoft Teams, customers and operators in the wine world were able to discover in the Microsoft House in Milan the new Rosso di Montalcino and Brunello di Montalcino of the winery.

This innovative experience kicks off a large project that aims to replicate the initiative on a global level, breaking down geographical barriers and optimizing travel time and costs. The first Digital wine tasting went on stage given ‘Benvenuto Brunello’, presentation of the new vintages. The Bianchini family, owners of the historic Brunello winery, led the live tasting from the Tuscan winery highlighting the organoleptic characteristics of the new wines.

“We are proud to launch digital wine tasting – Bianchini said – which we hope will become a new standard, not only for us but for the entire sector, so that the taste of Brunello di Montalcino can increasingly impose itself in Italy and abroad, with respect for efficiency and sustainability”. For Luba Manolova, director of the Microsoft 365 division of Microsoft Italia, this “experience demonstrates the value of new technologies to support Italian SMEs. We are sure that, through the Teams collaboration platform, this new form of digital tasting will give further impetus to the Brunello sector”.