We still don’t know all about the disease. But research is taking small steps that give hope to the millions of sick people. Many pharmaceutical companies have withdrawn because the trials don’t work. But all is not lost. Today, however, the key is in early diagnosis

The good news about the development of therapies against Alzheimer’s disease is very few, too many failures. Pharmaceutical companies are withdrawing from the competition; clinical trials are not achieving their goals. The latest defeat was a few days ago: an examination of two drugs on a rare, hereditary form of Alzheimer’s did not yield results.

In February last year, the authors of the University of Nevada, USA, wrote that 132 molecules were being tested in 156 clinical trials. Of these, however, only 28 have reached Phase III, the one that preceded the arrival on the market. We continue to search. Research is taking small steps that give hope to the millions of sick people in the world. All is not lost. Today, however, the key is early diagnosis. While waiting for a cure, the only strategy is to change lifestyles.

This is the theme of the cover of Health, on newsstands on Tuesday 25 February. In the issue, we will also talk about the big toe valgus and mini-invasive surgery to cancel it and the benefits of tea, a drink that is good for Health.