An entrepreneur has always had to assume several functions and therefore has to have knowledge in many fields.
There is what I will call the main activity of the company, but also all those that allow it to exist, and it is not every day easy. Entrepreneurs have got into the habit of delegating accounting to a competent person outside their company, this is a first element of outsourcing, but it is not the only one.

To focus on your business

Refocusing a company’s activity on its core business allows it to improve its performance and productivity. Nowadays, it is extremely simple to outsource. You can delegate functions far from your core business, such as cleaning the premises (hence the creation of many companies in this field), the creation and management of the company’s website, or teleprospecting operations (a one-off activity that is best entrusted to professionals such as JobPhoning).

The advantages of this choice are numerous:

  1. As mentioned above, it allows the company (and its employees) to concentrate on the work it has to provide and which is expected by customers. Imagine that you do not finish a job because you have to clean your office, is this really your defined role in the company? Will the result be up to the expectations of managers and visitors?
  2. Whether it is for marketing, accounting, referencing, having recourse to specialists in the field will allow you to have better results more quickly.
  3. As it is not the company that directly carries out the delegated tasks, this frees up time for the teams who can then better concentrate on the actions to be carried out.
  4. If you are not satisfied with a service provider, it is easy to change. Moreover, the duration of the engagement is the one you will have defined without having to worry about what to do with the possible employees assigned to the defined work.
  5. By using external companies, you have an external view of your “business”, and this can allow you to modify and improve certain important elements, but which are difficult to highlight.
  6. Outsourcing can reduce costs. A marketing department does not consist of one person and VSEs (or SMEs) cannot afford to hire 5 people for this function. On the other hand, a company director can occasionally hire people for his company who are suitable for the work to be carried out. Outsourcing is a real advantage for companies that need organizational flexibility.

But above all, it is necessary to choose qualified and recognized service providers.
In order to choose your provider (and to choose the right one), you have to define your needs and therefore ask the right questions, for example: Which activities are not profitable, which are time-consuming and which require staff?

It is also necessary to define one’s expectations vis-à-vis the external service provider and to draw up specifications or (an assignment sheet) that will define exactly the mission entrusted to the service provider.

As is often the case, one should not stop at the price. Indeed, sometimes service providers may offer an attractive price, but provide an unreliable service. However, this does not mean that the company director should opt for an exorbitant price. It is necessary to compare the various possible solutions and take the time to think about it in order to make the right choice. Because even if this choice only commits you for the duration of the contract, it may be less beneficial than you would have wished.